BMS For Channel Partners

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Subscription Plans
30,000/ Month
  • Pre-Sales Module
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Mobile App for Employees
  • Monthly Free Upgrades
  • Integration for Social Media (API)
  • Pre-Integrated Property Portals
  • SMS & E-mail Templates
  • Custom SMS & E-mail Templates
  • Storage Space On Google Cloud
75 GB
  • Additional Storage Space (Per GB)
  • Support Resolution Time (If there is no third party dependency)
5 Working Hours
  • Free Support Tickets per Month
  • Additional Support Charges per Ticket
  • Online Trainings Included
  • Personal Training Included
  • #Builder Network
National Network
  • Rent Free Virtual Numbers
  • PRI Shared Channels
  • Minutes of Calling Included (Incoming & Outgoing)
  • SMS's Included
  • Email's Included
  • Short URLs Included
  • WhatsApp Business Number
  • Free WhatsApp Message Incoming OR Outgoing (Initial Message in 24 Hour Window) Per Month
  • Additional Virtual Number Rent
  • Additional Shared PRI Channel Rent
  • Promotional & Transactional Domestic SMS
  • International SMS
  • Promotional & Transactional E-mail
  • Short URLs
  • Incoming OR Outgoing Domestic Call (Per Minute)
  • Additional WhatsApp Message Charges Incoming OR Outgoing (Initial Message in 24 Hour Window)
  • WhatsApp Session Message Charges Incoming OR Outgoing (Per Message)

  1. # Indicates upcoming features.
  2. VAS stands for value-added services.
  3. The above subscription cost is for 1 license of BMS System per month in prepaid mode.
  4. BMS for Channel Partner is offered with 3 months of free services if the client is paying upfront for 3 months at the time of installation only.
  5. After starting of paid services, downgrading of BMS Plan is not allowed for the first 6 months. However, the client can upgrade the BMS Plan anytime.
  6. The third-party complimentary services such as SMS messages, email credits, short URLs, cloud telephony, payment gateways services can be increased, decreased, or terminated based on the rates of third party vendors and various other aspects involved.
  7. Training & technical backup will be provided online and telephonic only as mentioned in the subscribed plan by the sole direction of edynamics.
  8. BMS onsite training will be chargeable at Rs.20,000/- Plus applicable taxes in pre-booking & pre-paid method.
  9. Data security will be applicable as per the cloud services policy of the service provider companies.
  10. The BMS license is not Transferable or Refundable or Re-saleable. Also, the license is provided to the client's specific domain, charges are applicable to change the domain name in the future.
  11. edynamics will not provide any access to our servers and services via any media such as FTP or other tools etc. Requests from clients or clients other vendors asking for such accesses will not be entertained.
  12. All consumables such as SMS messages, emails, WhatsApp messages, short URLs, cloud telephony, and payment gateway services will be charged as prepaid as per the rates mentioned.
  13. The client has to use value-added services such as SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, cloud telephony, marketing or transactional emails, payment gateway servicesfrom the integrated vendors' of edynamics Tech Solutions Private Limited. Requests to integrate services for specific vendors will not be accepted by edynamics.
  14. Feature requests will be accepted or rejected by the sole direction of edynamics Tech Solutions Private Limited.
  15. BMS subscription cost or any other services costs may increase up to 25% without any prior notice due to various factors involved.
  16. VAS service pack is optional for some BMS Plans. The client can unsubscribe from it and get the reduced pricing of the subscription as mentioned in the plan.
  17. On Suspension of BMS Account, Reactivation Charge of Rs.3,000, All Virtual Numbers Rent, PRI Channel Rent, Whatsapp Business Number Rent & Cloud Storage Charges + Taxes will be applicable for the entire suspended duration.

  • To activate WhatsApp Business 12 months whatsapp business number rent is required to pay in advance.
  • It may take up to 1 months to activate WhatsApp business number and start WhatsApp business services from BMS.
  • WhatsApp outgoing message means a message initiated from a WhatsApp business number to the customer's WhatsApp number.
  • WhatsApp incoming message means a message initiated by the customer's WhatsApp number to your WhatsApp business number.
  • Businesses are allowed to initiate conversation with customers only when the customer opt-in on your WhatsApp business number by sending an initial message from the customers WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp businesses numbers are allowed to send initial messages in the conversation only by selecting an approved message template that too if the customer is opt-in.
  1. Payment of 12 Months advance rental plus applicable tax as per the BMS Plan.
  2. About Message (WhatsApp Status)
  3. Logo: 1:1 aspect ratio
  4. Company Registered Address
  5. Business Description
  6. Contact Email
  7. Website URL
  8. Verified FaceBook Profile & Facebook Business Manager ID
  9. WhatsApp Business Mobile Number
  10. WhatsApp Account name (to be displayed to the end-user) - Note that this cannot be changed later.
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